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Ophir's Dark Shadow


OFA Hips: Good  -  OFA Elbows: Normal  -  Eyes Cerf  -  Optigen A   

Ophir's Dark Shadow "Shadow".  Her favorite activity was chasing a beach ball across the yard. 

Shadow is from whom all good things come and the mother of Daisy.   She will always be my favorite!

Shadow's Show Record

Kennesaw Kennel Club (GALRC Supported Entry): 10/29/05
1st 12-18 Months – Manuel Queijeiro (Queijeiro – Mexico)

Coastal South Carolina LRC Specialty: 1/28/06
     1st 15-18 Sweeps – Made Cut for Best in Sweeps – Annie Cogo (Windfall)
     2nd 15-18 Sweeps – Linda Bednarski (Tullamore)


LRC Piedmont Specialty: 2/11/06
     1st 12-18 Months – Sheila Yoxall (Russelton - England)
     2nd 12-15 Sweeps – Jennifer Stotts (Shannon Valley)

Greater Atlanta LRC Specialty: 2/25/06 & 2/26/06
     2nd 12-18 Months – Marion Hopkinson (Rocheby - England)
4th 12-18 Months – David Hopkinson (Rocheby - England)
Kennesaw Kennel Club (GALRC Supported Entry): 10/29/06
2nd Open Black – Kendall Herr (Dickendall)
Raleigh Durham LRC Specialty: 11/9/06 & 11/10/06
1st Open Black – Jill Ickowski (Wiscoy)
4th Open Black – Linda Vaughn (Simerdown)
Coastal South Carolina LRC Specialty: 1/28/07
1st Open Black – Winnie Limbourne (Wingmaster)


GCH Lachlan's Wild Flower


OFA Hips: Good  -  OFA Elbows: Normal  -  Eyes Cerf  -  Optigen A   

Daisy was our first home bred Champion. 

Sometimes a puppy picks you, that is what Daisy did, she decided she was staying to be a show dog. 

Daisy made us proud June '13 at the lead of my good friend Carol Quaif,

she went Best of Breed at Asheville Kennel Club under respected judge Michael Faulkner.


Daisy is a Specialty Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at the Labrador Retriever Club of the Piedmont in February 2011.  Thank You Susan and Lori!

At the LRC of the Potomac 2009, Daisy won the 12-18 class over an entry of 36 and then she preceded to make the final cut of 4 for Winners Bitch out of a total entry of 400+, at the largest and most prestigious Labrador Specialty in the world.

Daisy's Show Record

LRC Piedmont  February 2011 
     WB and Best of Winners 4 Points out of Open Black – Susan Huntzinger (Riverlane) & Lori Bentine (Tremont)


The Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac 2009
     1st 12-18 Months out of an Entry of 36 – Lynne Minchella (Abbeystead– England)
Made Winners Bitch Final Cut of 4, total entry over 400.  Judges Critique "Lachlan's Wild Flower, unexaggerated  well balanced, nicely shaped head, liked her eye shaped and colour, decent length of muzzle, good lay and length to upper arm, a little on the long side, close double coat, moved well"

Greater Atlanta LRC 2009
      1st 12-18 Months – Penny Carpanini (Carpenny – England)
    Made Winners Bitch Final Cut of Four
Piedmont  Supported Entry July 2009
     RWB x 2 – Barbara Nowak (Broyhill) & Manuelo Queijeiro (Queijeiro) 
     BBE all three days

Piedmont LRC 2009
2nd 12-15 Sweeps – Vonnie Russell (Hyspire)
2nd 12-15 Sweeps – Lori Bentine (Tremont)
Sawnee Mountain KC January 2009
RWB to a 3 point major– Linda C More
Coastal South Carolina LRC 2009
2nd 12-18 Months – Jill Ickowski (Wiscoy)
2nd 12-15 Sweeps – Annette Morgan (Crossfield)
3rd 12-15 Sweeps – Heidi Herman (Paradigm)
Raleigh Durham LRC 2008
1st 9-12 Months – Janis Granneman (Janrod)
3rd 9-12 Months – Kendall Herr (Dickendall)
3rd 9-12 Sweeps – Lori Rudy (Amberlyn)
4th 9-12 Sweeps – Marion Daniels (Mar-Moye)


Greater Atlanta LRC Supported  October 2008
WB 2 Points out of the 9-12 Class – Elizabeth Wenner (Surry)
Best in Sweeps – Gregg Tonkin (Little River)
3rd 9-12 Months – Marion Lyons (Chocorua)
2nd 9-12 Months – Eric Bergishagen (Jagsboro)
2nd 9-12 Sweeps – Coleen Kinkaid (ELHID)
LRC National 2008
1st 6-9 Sweeps – Made Cut for Best in Sweeps – Wendi Huttner (Ridgeway)
3rd 6-9 Months – Carl Gene Liepmann (Triple L)
Atlanta, Douglas & Newnan KC September 2008
1st 6-9 Months – Made the cut for WB, a 3 point major – Sally Sasser (Teracroft)
1st 6-9 Months – Jackie Mischou (Caer Bren)
1st 6-9 Months – Charlotte Clem McGowan


CH Nipntuck Spent It On Fame


OFA Hips: Good  -  OFA Elbows: Normal  -  OFA Advanced Cardiac (Echo)  -  Optigen & EIC Clear 

CH Nipntuck Spent it on Fame "Penny".  Penny came from Nipntuck Labradors in Woodinville Washington. 

Thank You Becky.

Penny was a very sweet, quite and loving labrador.  About as easy as they come.  Penny has a lasting legacy here and is behind most of our dogs, Ryeder's mother, Rain's Grandmother and Carly's Great Grandmother. 


Zinfndel's Scarlet Oak


OFA Hips: Good  - Eyes CERF -  Optigen & EIC Clear 

Friends make this sport special.  Oakley came to us from Jerry & Joan Saldana.

Her first litter here was to our boy Ryeder.  Sky is our Ryeder x Oakley daughter and has the memorable quirks from both parents personality. 

Oakley's Show Record

Potomac Labrador Retriever Specialty 2015 - 
9-12 Months Chocolate Sweepstakes Second Place under Mrs. Pam Ireland
9-12 Months Chocolate Regular First Place under Gary Johnson

Critiques from Judge Gary Johnson -
Nicely balanced all through, looking right for age.
Very good neck which flows through into a level topline and a correctly set tail. Well sprung ribs, quarters already well developed and has good bone and feet. Feminine head with eyes of a good shape and colour.
In very good coat with an excellent otter tail.

Lucie Head 2.5 years2.jpg
Lucie 2.5 years.jpg

Lachlan's Lucie Lu


OFA Hips: Excellent  -  OFA Elbows: Normal  -  OFA Advanced Cardiac (Echo)

Lucie's legacy are her offspring and grandchildren. She is the mother of Rain and Willie, GCH Lachlan's Reign of Fire "Rain".  And CH Lachlan's on the Road Again to Popway "Willie" owned by our good friend Nancy Poplin. Grandmother to GCH Lachlan's Platinum Edition.

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