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MULTI BISS GCHB Lachlan's Low Ryeder



OFA Hips Good - OFA Elbows Normal
OFA Advanced Cardiac (Echo)
OFA Annual Eye Exams
Clear: Optigen, EIC, HNPK, DM
No Long Hair or Dilute Gene
Black Carrying Chocolate

Limited Availability for Approved Bitches

Ryeder's Win Photos


Ryeder's Show Record

Select Dog SMLRC Oct 2019, Cindy Skiba, Epoch Labradors

Select Dog Piedmont LRC 2/9/19, Nancy Talbot, Begold
Select Dog Piedmont LRC 2/10/19, New Bonze Grand Champion, Jackie Hodge, Naiken Labradors UK

Select Dog GALRC Nov 2018, Cindy Skiba, Epoch Labradors

AOM LRC Piedmont 2/11/18 under Judy Chambers, Ghoststone Labradors

BOB Clemson KC 1/6/18, Mrs Linda Hurlebaus
BOB Clemson KC 1/7/18, Mr James Moses

First Award of Merit Royal Canin National Championship under Mr Dana P Cline

First Award of Merit CSCLRC 12/9/16 under Lisa Weiss, Lobuff Labradors

Select Dog GALRC 11/19/16 under Judy Chambers, Ghoststone Labradors
Award Of Merit GALRC 11/20/16 under Roy Cone, Waterbound Labradors

BOB LRC Piedmont 2/11/17 under Michaels Woods, Waterdog Labradors
AOM LRC Piedmont 2/10/17 under Clare Senfield, Allegeheny Labradors

Select Dog Raleigh Durham LRC 5/21/17 under Janet Farmilette

Select Dog both days and new Grand Champion 1/28/17 & 1/29/17 Coastal South Carolina LRC

under Keri Schooler, Copperstill Labradors & Krista Beal, Conclusion Labradors

BOB Huntsville KC 11/12/16, Linda C More & Owner Handler Group 4
BOS Huntsville KC 11/13/16, Sherry Anderson & Owner Handler Group 2

Ryeder Finished his Championship in Style by Going Winners Dog, Best of Winners & BOB at the

Mid Jersey Labrador Retriever Club on 10/21/16

under Tuus van Andrichen Boogaert-Kwint, Sunny Loch, The Netherlands

Best In Sweeps Coastal Carolina 2016 Elizabeth Mayo

Best of Opposite in Sweeps Coastal Carolina 2016 Day 2 

Best in Sweeps Piedmont LRC 2016 Joan Saldana

Best of Opposite in Sweeps Miami Valley 2016

1st 15-18 Black Potomac 2016 Sergio Scarpellini
2nd 15-18 Sweeps Potomac 2016 Kathy Devito, Trinity Labradors


Ryeder's Pedigree

Ryeder Pedigree1.jpg
Ryeder 1year 2.jpg

Photographs above of Ryeder at 12 months of age, taken by Laura Reich.


Ryeder’s 2019 trip to Westminster.

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